Dr. Kristina Towill, Ph.D.

Dr. Towill is a registered Psychologist and nationally recognized expert in reproductive and sexual health issues. She is a member of the College of Psychologists of BC, the Canadian Psychological Association, and the BC Psychological Association.

Dr. Towill brings a wide breadth of clinical experience to her practice, having interned and worked in a variety of settings, including an addiction agency, schools, university health centers, and hospitals. She currently has a large private practice in Kelowna, BC, where she sees general counselling patients as well as specific referrals in sexual and reproductive health. Dr. Towill is Consulting Psychologist to Kelowna Regional Fertility Centre in Kelowna and Olive Fertility Centre in Vancouver, as well as Kelowna Band Surgery Center. She regularly speaks to community and professional audiences on sexual, relationship, and fertility issues and has given numerous interviews to the media on a wide range of psychological issues.