Semen Analysis

A semen analysis is the primary male fertility test. A basic semen analysis can be done at most labs and is covered by MSP. However, it provides more limited information. A detailed semen analysis is available at Kelowna Regional Fertility Centre, and there is an associated fee. This provides significantly more information and may be beneficial in advising treatment options.

The lab will do a structured analysis of your semen sample to determine how many sperm are in the semen, how many are alive, and how many are moving. We also do a detailed and accurate assessment of sperm shape or morphology.

In addition to the semen analysis, men will have a blood test for routine infectious diseases.

Andrology Services

Our laboratory has the latest in andrology equipment and design in order to provide our andrology services. These services include semen profiling, sperm wash and preparation for IUI, and antisperm antibody testing.

Booking Tests

Once you have been referred to KRFC, our staff will contact you to offer you a consultation appointment. We will also provide you with a small package of information, including the required requisitions to do your blood work and semen analysis. There will be information about the HSG test, which will be discussed further during your consultation. If any of these tests have already been completed, you likely will not need to repeat them.

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