In British Columbia, the Medical Services Plan will cover your initial fertility assessment. Many of the fertility treatments that follow are not publicly funded. Courses of therapy vary considerably from individual to individual, and as such it is difficult to accurately determine the cost prior to a patient assessment.

Following your initial work up, our medical staff will be able to more accurately provide costing estimates, including medication. Note that medication required during your treatment may be covered by your third party insurer (for example Green Shield Canada). You are encouraged to contact your insurer directly to determine your individual eligibility. It is important to note that fertility medications are typically covered as an exception by most insurers, and as such it is the decision of the employer to offer it as a benefit in their respective plan for their employees.

The Income Tax Act (118.2) and the interpretation bulletins (IT-519R2), Canada Revenue Agency, suggest that fertility procedures qualify as medical services as they relate to the medical condition of infertility. Provided the amount is paid by an individual to either a medical practitioner, a public or licensed private hospital in respect of services provided to the individual, or to the individual’s spouse, common law partner, or dependent, such amounts would qualify for the medical expense tax credit on your tax return.

We encourage you to consult with an accountant to confirm your specific circumstance.

Financing options are available through Medicard Financing, PayBright and Trusted Advisor.

Fees updated January 2018


Orientation $500
IVF Orientation using Donor Sperm $575
Cycle Monitoring Fee for IVF $2500
Cycle Monitoring Fee for Elective Egg Freeze $1500
Medications – estimated cost $4000-$6000

Olive Fertility Centre Services
IVF for Elective Egg Freeze



Superovulation Cycle Management $750
IUI Cycle Ultrasound $150
Medications superovulation – estimated cost $1500-2500
Superovulation conversion to IVF, as necessary $1550
Sperm wash and preparation for IUI $650


Donor sperm orientation $225
Purchase of donor sperm samples per unit open ID only $600-1200
Donor sperm receipt, processing and first year storage $300
Donor sperm processing (second order in one year) $100
Donor sperm preparation for IUI (washed or unwashed sample) $500


Harmony $600
First Trimester Screening (with counselling, NT and bloodwork) $550
Nuchal Translucency (NT) Ultrasound $385
Integrated Prenatal Screen for women over 35 years of age Covered by MSP for women 35 at time of delivery and older


 Sperm Freeze orientation $100
 Semen Profile  (Analysis) $100
 Semen Profile – Retrograde $135
 Sperm Antibody Testing $225
 Elective Sperm Freezing $200
 Trial Wash $350
 Sperm wash for IUI $650
 Retrograde Sperm wash for IUI $675
 Trypsin wash for IUI $725
 DNA Fragmentation Ask KRFC staff for current pricing
 Double Intrauterine Insemination $850
 Sperm Storage per year $200
 2 Years  of Sperm Storage $350


Sperm Retrieval and Cryopreservation (performed at KGH) $2250

This is partial list only and subject to change.

If discrepancy exists between Accuro, The Kelowna Regional Fertility Centre’s billing and electronic medical records system and this list, Accuro will be taken as correct.

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