We want to assure you that KRFC has implemented a comprehensive plan to reduce the spread of Covid19 while we continue to provide essential patient care. Below is a summary that high lights some of these strategies which are also laid out comprehensively in our Infection Prevention and Control Document.

  1. Physical Distancing measures
    • Continue to provide virtual care when possible
    • Limit the number of patients in the clinic at any point in time
    • Limit the number of staff in the clinic at any point in time
  2. General Protective Policies
    • All staff and patients complete a screening questionnaire on arrival
    • Any staff or patient who is unwell are asked to stay home or leave the clinic
    • No handshaking
    • Patients only in the clinic (no additional visitors)
  3. PPE
    • Staff will wear masks, goggles and gloves for all patient encounters
    • Patients are required to wear masks
  4. Clinic Sanitization
    • All high contact surfaces are cleaned 4 times daily
    • Examination rooms are carefully cleaned/sterilized after each patient
    • Following BCCDC guidelines for cleaning solutions and protocols